Live Your Epic Life

Have you ever come across a situation that makes you believe that your entire life has already been written? Not in a creepy invasive way, but rather the feeling that whatever you do or whatever happens, it was meant to be. I have personally always believed that everything happens for a reason, that even a small act or a random encounter can affect our entire life. I could recount hundreds of stories that made me say to myself “of course,” while looking up at the sky in awe, but I’d rather share one in particular.

I recently went on a road trip through the Californian desert. A well-deserved escape from the rest of the world, away from all responsibilities and obligations; a time meant to check in with myself and where I stood in my life. I had been on a spiritual quest throughout the year, meeting with clairvoyants, numerologists, healers, shamans, life coaches, searching for answers that would explain my reason of existence. The usual you know (ha ha ha). It seemed like I was getting close, but there was still something missing.

At the beginning of the Summer, I felt a powerful calling, something deep inside told me I needed to go to Joshua Tree and Salvation Mountain; two destinations where people are known to go to find peace and a little bit of love in the blistering heat. So, I went and I did find what I was looking for. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but dry land, I was forced to face all that was going on in my mind: unresolved issues, resistance, anguish and turmoil. With its raw, rough, and no pity attitude, the desert shook me awake. It slapped me in the face and drove into me like a bulldozer. A tough love approach and an effective one I might say. I came back from my journey bright-eyed, wiser and stronger than I had ever been. Although the trip itself was life altering, it was a unique meeting, one that happened before arriving at my final destination, that set the pace for the entire escapade.

Before our departure, my friend and I were set to pick up our car rental at a particular spot in L.A. But when we arrived at the location, we realized, to our dismay, that we had been giving the wrong address. This information did not sit well with me. As a control freak, my entire schedule was now unbalanced. We would need to grab an Uber, drive to the correct location, putting us in peak traffic hours, forcing us to arrive after sunset at our very expensive hotel in Palm Springs. To say the least, when our Uber arrived, I was a little pissed off. Annoyed, I got into the car, forcing myself to smile and act as if everything was ok, while my insides were burning with pure rage. Recognizing our French dialect, the driver began to chat us up, asking us where we were from and what our plans were in California. My friend did most of the talking. The driver then asked us what we did for a living. Feeling more relaxed, I told him I was a writer. “What type of writer are you?” he asked. Surprised by his interest, I explained that I had just started offering my services as a freelance writer, helping brands with their content, as well as editing, adapting and translating various texts. He continued and said, “the reason I’m so intrigued is because I’m a writer as well.” It turned out that our driver, Daniel Shorter, was a published writer, life coach and motivational speaker. Of course, he was!

We spent the rest of the car ride speaking about his recent book and life motto: living an epic life. I loved it! It seemed so obvious. Who wouldn’t want to live an epic life? But when you really think about it, who actually does? My frustration and anxiety had vanished, I suddenly felt inspired and hopeful. I didn’t care about the stupid traffic and couldn’t wait to let my hair fly into the air and drive to the desert. Our adventure would be waiting for us no matter the time of our arrival. For now, I had this moment, with my partner in crime Andy and our new friend Daniel, talking about living an epic life. When we arrived at the correct rental location, we exchanged contact information, gave each other a warm goodbye and went our separate ways. I felt lucky to have been given the wrong information. If not for that, I would never have met Daniel.

Something from our short conversation stuck with me throughout the voyage. Daniel explained that one’s life purpose is where that person is supposed to be at any given time. A purpose may change, evolve and would only be unveiled to us when we’d truly be ready to recognize it. How was Daniel to know that the exact reason behind my trip was to find clarity and answers that would help me understand my life’s purpose? What were the odds that the wrong place would actually turn out to be the right place to be? Someone once told me that life sends us angels, in all forms, throughout our lives, to remind us that we are on the right path. I believe that Daniel was one of those angels and I am so thankful to have crossed paths with him. That not so random encounter uplifted me and somehow set me free. My only hope now is to ensure I live MY epic life. Only then will I be able to achieve my life purpose.

Gabby Mather