I am not particularly religious, but I am spiritual and have always believed and hoped that there is something, or someone, out there looking out for us all…

One night, a higher power came to me in my sleep and whispered to my ear, “You’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome home.” In my dream, I was naked in the desert. I could feel the roughness of the sand under the soles of my feet. I was alone, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a wild and foreign environment. I did not know where I was, but it all felt familiar, somehow. I wasn’t afraid, or worried. I had been here before. The journey had been long and grueling, but I was finally back where I belonged. As the sun rose, I began to walk forward towards a bright golden light shedding its rays behind a mountainous horizon. I kept walking, now engulfed in the light. It almost seemed as if it was radiating from within me. Maybe it was. I could feel the Sun’s power connecting me to the Earth, filling me with force, wisdom, and truth. I was so close. Just a few more steps and I’d be in the heart of the world, in the centre of the universe. Just a few more steps and I’d be free. But something was holding me back. A feeling of resistance grabbed hold of me and each new movement became strenuous, almost impossible. I tried with all my strength to advance, but I simply couldn’t. I fell on my knees, fingernails digging their way in the dirt, trying to pull myself forward. The light became so bright, I could not see. I reached my arm out, hoping to find a helping hand. Nothing. I would need to do this on my own. Grabbing everything and anything in my passage, impelling myself forward. I was getting closer. I could feel it in every fibre of my being. Just a few more steps. I could do it. I would make it. The light was so bright. I was surrounded by white. A warm, tingling sensation suddenly spread through my body, a life force so powerful and pure. Alas, I was here. Clarity, peace, bliss. I had finally arrived.

Gabby Mather