The Phoenix

She used to be small, fragile, lifeless
Her colour seemed to dissipate and eventually
She began to fade into the background

She lay silent for a while, waiting
Slowly, shedding her wounded skin
Letting go of her pain and suffering

She grew tired of her forsaken disposition
Of her cowardly ways and misunderstood fears
She became infuriated and agitated

Awakening from what seemed to be
A lifelong sleep, a prison with shackles  
She is now fierce and powerful, untouchable

She faced many hardships throughout the years
But overcame all obstacles with grace
And shook them off like ashes to the ground

Now, she shines brighter than the sun
Embracing her new found strength
She soars higher than the clouds

She is freedom, she is fire
Her life source is alluring and pure
No one would dare extinguish her flame

Gabby Mather