How I work

It’s important to me that my clients feel safe and understood. That’s why I like to get to know you before we begin. With active listening, I commence each session with a short conversation, in which I ask questions that determine your needs, as well as the nature of your visit. We then dive into the breath work technique. I offer private sessions and can facilitate events on small groups of maximum 5 people. Sessions can take between one and two hours. Whatever happens during your session is perfect, because it’s exactly what you need in that time and place.

* Price may vary. Please contact me if you wish to know my fees.




01. Breathwork Facilitation

The NAI’A Breathwork techniques are used to reinvigorate your body and open your mind. With the aid of your breath, energy will begin to flow to your cells, your stress level will diminish, and you will open yourself to peace and love, and realign yourself with your essence. Let me guide you through a transformational journey of enlightenment.

 Photos by  Bianca des Jardins


02. Mindfulness Consultation

Soon to come!!



Gabby is an incredible listener; she picks up on subtleties that reveal much about what is going on in our lives. Our breath, body language and key words guide her into being an incredible breathwork facilitator. This breathing technique is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in my life. I’ve had three sessions with Gabby and it really feels as though it’s accompanying, even kickstarting an important healing process. It isn’t called transformational breathwork for nothing; you definitely travel through an unexpected experience, to come out of it safe and supported and enlightened. Gabby is very supportive throughout the whole process and I feel lucky to have had her introduce me to the technique.

— Alexandra Cherot-Dalle, Creator of Sanctuaries

It felt like my body was liberating itself from old wounds and tensions, without knowing the nature of any of them. It loosened my mind. It was like old memories had finally found a way out, a way to express themselves. Tensions, repressed emotions in my body, blockages in the throat Chakra. The breathwork technique is really powerful!

— Stephanie P. Grenier, Fashion Designer & Yoga Teacher