How I work

It’s important to me that the finished product sounds like you or your enterprise. That’s why I like to get to know my clients before I begin. Depending on the project, I start with a short interview, in which I ask questions that determine your needs, as well as the nature of your brand. I then dive into the storytelling process. Editing is normal. We will exchange notes, and I will adjust the work accordingly. Finally, when you are fully satisfied, I will send you an invoice to be paid within 15 business days.

* Price and deadline will vary. Please contact me for a quote.

01. Storytelling & Video Producing
02. copywriting & ghostwriting
03. adapting, editing & translating



01. Storytelling
& Video Producing

Whatever story I share, I like to approach all subject matters with a ray of positivity. I write and produce videos about inspiring individuals and real life issues that apply to, well basically everyone. Some are more extraordinary than others, still they remain relatable.

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02. Copywriting & Ghostwriting

My services include copywriting and ghostwriting, which means that I write brand content and marketing materials for websites, brochures, catalogues, advertisements, and much more. My goal is to ensure your readers take action and click on that famous “contact” or “purchase” button.

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03. Adapting, Editing
& Translating

If you have an existing text that you’d like to adapt, maybe to give it a different vibe or a tone that best fits your brand, I’m here to help. I also offer my services as an editor and translator (English and French) and will go over your texts and send you detailed notes to ensure your work is at its best. 

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Gabby is a one of a kind storyteller. She writes with an honest, empowered voice full of conviction. Her ability to translate the human and brand experience into language is a breath of fresh air in a time where social media feels fake and cluttered.

— Annabelle Blythe, Poet & Life Coach

Gabby has rhythm and knows the power in carefully selecting words. None are used lightly, which makes the reading of her texts so pleasant. Captivating her lectors is one of her strengths. You tell Gabby what you wish to communicate and to whom you’d like to address yourself. She listens, takes notes, asks the right questions. Later, following your meeting, when she will present you the work, you’ll say: Gabby, that’s exactly what I wanted to say!

— François Pratte, Copywriter & Author

Gabby has a voice that is both young and mature, rational and spiritually imprinted. She has an insatiable curiosity and a strong desire to try, explore and experience all that which her soul is pulling her towards. She reinvents herself constantly, and that makes her writing very versatile.

— Erika Drolet, Co-Owner of the Salty Souls